One Spirit | One Mission 2022

In May of this year, believers from all over Long Island, New York, and even other states gathered at the Convergence Equipping Center to worship God in spirit and in truth. Lives were changed, miracles took place, and we experienced a new level of the "more" that God has for us. THIS upcoming November, we will be taking the Presence, the love, and the signs and wonders to the streets, as we are equipped by some of the Church's greatests evangelists, and learn how to let Jesus flow in and through us, not just for evangelism events, but in our everyday lives. What would it look like to let the Holy Spirit give you a prophetic word for a coworker, or the checkout lady at the grocery store, or someone you pass on a walk? What would it look like to learn how to truly stop for the one in front of you, and by doing so, you're stopping for the One? Join us November 3rd-5th, and let's learn how to release His love everywhere we go!

Guest Speakers

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Scott has been entrusted by God with the office of an evangelist. He travels the world equipping the body of Christ in how to bury their seasoned sowers mentality in favour of that of a relentless reaper. Scott has featured in Finger Of God 2, alongside bonafide Christian rockstar Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch. Scott is now Director of Evangelism at Pastor Daniel Kolendas local CfaN church expression – Nations Church, Orlando.

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Brian is the pastor of Crestwood Vineyard in OKC, and he loves to equip people in the areas of healing, power evangelism, and prophetic ministry. He is passionate about living a lifestyle of putting Jesus on display with love and power and equipping others to do the same. Brian has written two books, and travels the world, seeing God move everywhere from Australia and South Africa to the drive-thrus and phone company representatives.

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Kathy worked for the Apostolic
Network of Global Awakening as an administrative assistant and helped to connect churches and ministries within the Network. She is also the lead intercessor for Global Awakening and oversees the prayer needs of the ministry. Today, Kathy teaches on the love of God and Kingdom life. She
trains and equips people of all ages
to build strong prayer lives and to
seek God first.

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Brian’s deepest conviction is to make room for the presence of God, and to honor what He’s doing above all else. He desires to train others to abide in the place of deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and to equip the Church for the operation of signs and wonders, in order that we may declare the fullness of the Gospel with word and power. His ministry with Global Awakening is marked with impartation, a strong gift of healing, and prophetic revelation.

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Phill is the Founder and Director of Kingdom Convergence. He has been

in ministry since 1985 and itinerant ministry, serving churches and

para-church organizations since 2012, while continuing to pastor in New York. He is a conference speaker, author,

and pastor. His greatest passion is to see the Body of Christ united and

bound by His love as family,

releasing awakening across the

East coast.

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Brian is the Founder and Director of

the Harvest Family Network with members around the world. He has served as a local church pastor in a revival culture in Virginia for many

years and as a missionary, revivalist

and evangelist for 20 years. Brian also serves in the nations as a part of

IRIS Global founded by missionaries Heidi and Rolland Baker and

serves on the board of several

nonprofit organizations.


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