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An End of Year Letter
from our Director

Dear KC friends,

This past year we celebrated our fifth year of serving the Body of Christ in the NYC Metro Region. It has been an amazing journey and a great privilege to serve you all. Our mission to teach, train, equip, and empower people to discover their gifts and calling, while bridging churches and leaders in our region to be His “Family in Mission Together” has been a great honor. The future, for some, can seem scary, the world seems to be in chaos. The truth is, for us, there hasn’t been a better time to put Jesus and His Kingdom on display, bringing the lost into the arms of our Beloved Father. This is our passion and our mission, we are thankful and humbled, for the call of Christ on Kingdom Convergence.


Your support made 2023 an amazing year. Besides our two regional One Spirit conferences we:

  • Graduated our first class from The School of The Prophetic (SoTP). Watching them grow in their personal understanding of a God’s Word, the Prophetic as a ministry serving the local Church, their pursuit of maturity in character, growing in how to hear God, and to serve His local bodies has been remarkable. It was an amazing experience for the teachers and the students alike.

  • We also had our first joint mission trip with Serve the Nations to South Africa. We brought a team of our SoTP students, and leaders we coach, joining my friends Brian Blount and Joann Moody as we traveled to five cities in South Africa, training churches in Empowered Evangelism. During this trip over 700 people were healed and over 500 gave their life to Jesus in just 15 days on the streets, in stores, restaurants, and even in a school. We also trained approximately 100 people in “empowered evangelism.”

  • As a result of this trip, this coming year we will be partnering with Serve the Nations to bring teams from our region to Brazil, South Africa, and Germany to work with churches, training their members in Empowered Evangelism. We believe those that come will be changed and return to serve even more in their church.


One of the most beautiful events we put together this year, and is now a Semi-Annual event, is our “12 Hours of Regional Worship and Prayer.” We held it in April and October on a Saturday from 10AM to 10PM. We had 16 different church communities and ministries, from as far as Westchester and North Jersey, as well as NYC and Long Island, send worship teams, modeling unity in The Bride. They were powerful times as we watched people come and go throughout the two days of worship and prayer, as One Family, in our region. It was an absolutely beautiful encounter with God and His people that marked us forever.


As you can see, 2023 was quite a year for KC. Since we launched the equipping center in September of 2020, we have truly accomplished more than we could have imagined in the last three years. We have impacted hundreds if not thousands of lives both here in the NYC region, but also overseas. Since we opened in September of 2020, we have accomplished the following:

  • Four graduating classes from Convergence School of Ministry

  • 31 Weekend Encounters with 22 different teachers

  • 4 One Spirit Conferences with 19 different speakers

  • Inspired Creatives, which gathers creative types in all expressions of creativity monthly to encourage, support, and celebrate each other as they grow in their creative gifting to glorify the name of Jesus.

  • Two “12 Hours of Worship and Prayer for Our Region” with 16 churches and ministries partnering to model unity and love, while we worshipped and cried out to God to come move in our region.

  • Started the Kingdom Leadership Initiative, in partnership with Dr. Craig Fee, to raise micro church planters and leaders.

  • Three classes on how to partner with the Holy Spirit in ministering one-on-one with people.

  • And as mentioned, our first two classes in the School of The Prophetic. Our graduating class and our present class.


Everyone at KC is a volunteer giving their time and resources to serve the Body of Christ in the NYC Metro Region. As you can see, we offer a lot to the region, and we wouldn’t be here without your prayers, partnership, and generosity.


We have a lot of new things we want to initiate in 2024. At the top is a Summer School for “Missional Lifestyle and Evangelism.” The school will include various training courses on planting communities of faith, especially micro churches, hybrid churches and missional communities, along with lifestyle evangelism training, from several guest teachers who specialize in training people in Missional Lifestyle, planting micro-churches, home churches, faith communities, and empowered evangelism. Our region is desperate for the revelation of Jesus Christ, help us raise an empowered generation who deeply know His Word, move easily in partnership with the Holy Spirit, transforming what may be the most influential region in the world.

In closing, I would like to personally invite you to partner with us in three ways:

  • First, please pray for us, the warfare we come up against is very significant, your prayers can make all the difference.

  • Second, partner with us in spreading the word about all the good and great things we offer to the region. Your partnering with us in spreading the word and inviting people can make a huge difference.

  • Finally, your financial support is much needed. While none of us receive a salary or stipend for our services, we still have significant expenses. It costs a lot to run an equipping center, as I am sure you can imagine. Our One Spirit Conferences cost $20,000 per conference. We offered the One Spirit | One Mission conference, this past November, FREE. Just an additional $4,000 in monthly partner support, will allow us to offer all of our events for FREE. Your support can bless and transform our entire region. Consider how many more lives we could touch if we could offer all our events for FREE. Your monthly partnership would cause an accelerated impact in our region, transforming, and touching lives right where we live.


One Hundred Percent (100%) of your gift goes directly to the mission to transform lives; to bring revival to our region, for His glory.


Will you partner with us? Together we will see what the Lord desires for our region; His presence and power, breaking out in Revival everywhere we go, just like what we read about in Acts. When we come together as One in His love, the world around us will see what family looks like in heaven. Awakening will follow the likes of which we have not seen in a very long time, if ever.


In His Great Love and Service,


Phill Urena




Will you be a partner for revival?  Will you be a catalyst for a revival that becomes an Awakening in our region? We have trained and released over 300 people in empowered evangelism and other models of evangelism, in the last 2.5 years. That doesn’t include the several hundred lives that have been touched by physical and/or inner healing, or those that have gone through the schools and Weekend Encounters and now serve in the local churches in our area. How many more can we train and release if we could do all of our events for free? You are the difference makers, those that have been blessed by what we offer. You can make it happen!


If just 80 people give $50.00/month, or 40 people $100/month, you will impact hundreds of people, perhaps even thousands, joining us on the mission towards Unity and Revival in the NYC Region. Perhaps you have the means to give more, if you do, your generosity will impact more than you even know. Running the equipping center, no salaries included, costs $115,200 a year. Maybe you have the ability to cover all or a good part of this, you will have a huge impact in the region. Please give as His Spirit leads you.


Whatever your financial gift may be, please pray for us to reach the goal of at least $4,000/month in monthly support. In all my years of ministry, the spiritual warfare we encounter is at a whole new level. Prayer is a game changer; we surely need it and are very thankful for all who pray for us regularly.


Will you commit to be a partner for $50, $100, or even $1,000 a month? Together, we can touch so many more lives in our region.


See the donation box below (or click the "Financial Partners Info PDF" button to get more information)
and become a Kingdom Partner. Together we will help make Revival a reality.

Let’s Partner Together

Have questions or want to share a testimony? Let us know!

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