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Our leadership team, different backgrounds, one heart :
To see Jesus glorified and His children walk in the fullness of their identity. 
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Phill Urena

CEO & Founder

Phill has been in ministry since 1985, when he and his wife, Patti, began a Bible study that grew to become a healthy house church. He has been a member of the Association of Vineyard Churches USA since 1986, serving as a youth pastor, worship leader, associate pastor, church planter, lead pastor, and equipping churches across the States. Phill has been in itinerant ministry serving churches and para-church organizations since 2012, while continuing to pastor in New York. He is a conference speaker, author, pastor, husband, father, and grandfather. His greatest passion is to see the Body of Christ united in His love as an army and family bound by His love, releasing awakening across the East coast.

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Vaughn is a husband, father, grandfather, pastor, and financial advisor who worked on Wall Street for nearly 30 years and serves on non-profit boards, including the Bowery Mission in New York City. Raised on a farm in Maryland, Vaughn was educated at Villanova University in Pennsylvania and has lived and worked in New York since 1977; all in the I-95 corridor. Vaughn is passionate for the Word of God and is a gifted teacher and expositor. One of the founding members of Kingdom Convergence, he is a member of the Board of Directors, and serves as the organization’s Chief Financial Officer.

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Director of Convergence School of Ministry & Kingdom Convergence Executive Staff

A native New Yorker, Jason has been involved in ministry since he was twelve years old, having been an active participant beside his parents’ leadership and ministry. He’s earned a Bachelors’ Degree in Social Work and Biblical Studies from Nyack College, as well as he’s completed all three years of ministry training at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. Jay’s also served on staff as a pastor both here on Long Island, as well as at The Stirring Church in Redding, California. He burns to see the Bride of Christ come into the revelation of their identity as powerful sons and daughters, for the Gospel to be preached in truth and grace, and for God to be revealed as a loving Father. He also loves a good superhero movie, the New York Yankees and Jets, good coffee, and of course, his wife and sons.

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Executive Administrator

Erinn comes from a long line of ministry and revival culture. Born and raised in central Canada, Erinn grew up in a home where the supernatural was normal, and faith was active and strong. In 2007, she attended Catch the Fire’s School of Ministry (formerly Toronto Airport Church – known for the Toronto Blessing). This led to a journey of healing and equipping that eventually brought her to Bethel School of Worship in 2011, followed by Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, where she and Jay met. She’s done all three years at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Erinn is passionate about emotional health, authentic worship, and building healthy family/community. When she’s not multitasking to the max as executive admin of several ministries/organizations, she can usually be found with her family at home or in nature, enjoying coffee and/or a good book.

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Tribe Leader at Convergence School of Ministry

Levi has been immersed in ministry since he was eighteen years old. He’s completed all three years of ministry training at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, focusing on school leadership, and he’s worked with troubled teens at a private boarding school in Northern California. His passion in ministry is for people to encounter God as He truly is so that they fall in love with Him, and for their lives to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus’ as a result. He loves to help people walk in their identity, live by faith, and grow in emotional health. Levi loves good books, cooking as well as eating good food, creative writing, and rocky beaches.


Director/Overseer of Worship and the Convergence Worship Community

Andrew was born in Brooklyn NY, and raised by a single mother with a heart for worship and prayer. He grew up singing in choirs, ensembles and worship teams. Upon coming to genuine conversion 5 days into his freshman at Nyack College, worship took on a richer and deeper meaning in Andrew's life. He began listening to Jason Upton, Misty Edwards, Hillsong, Bethel, etc and decided to teach himself how to play guitar. Since then, God has favored him to help build the worship department of several ministries, as well as personally traveling up and down the East Coast bringing the supernatural power of God through the gift of worship.